Investment Advisory Services - (Discretionary) 

Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC will craft an investment policy statement and create a workable financial plan and they will manage your account(s) directly using discretionary authority to access your account held in your name at Charles Schwab. Clients are able to view and access their Charles Schwab account at any time of their choosing. The goal is to optimize your asset allocation to ensure you are maximizing your returns for the level of risk that is employed in the portfolio and your investment policy statement.

Custody is held at Charles Schwab, Inc to ensure full transparency and protection for clients. In addition, clients of Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC are also clients of Charles Schwab, Inc and they have around the clock access to all the services and resources that Charles Schwab, Inc provides for clients. Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC uses Charles Schwab, Inc because they believe Schwab is a great solution for clients.  

Clients using this service are sent a monthly invoice but advisory fees are paid directly from your investment accounts.

For more information about Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC - please visit Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC latest Form ADV 2 A&B Brochure filed and posted on the SEC IAPD website. Click on link below.

(Please note that registration does not imply skill or approval from this organization) 

First Step Financial Planning 

The first step to accomplishing anything great from building a house to planning a hectic weekend is a well designed plan that factors in ever changing variables. Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC is here to help you take the first step to mastering your financial future.

The firm offers a first step financial plan where you sit down one on one with Mr. Kuczmarski for one hour and confidentially review your current financial status (Assets, Liabilities, Current Investments & Asset Allocation, Monthly Budgeting) and determine what your financial goals are. Then, Mr. Kuczmarski will carefully review your situation and provide you with a detailed plan for your family to start working towards achieving its' financial goals.

The goal of this exercise is to provide a financial wellness check and make sure clients are using best practices financial strategies to meet their financial goals. 

Financial Planning Services are billed as a one time standard fee to clients. 

Investment Consulting 

Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC offers the following services to Non-profit investors and other entities.

  • Comprehesive Review and/ or Establishment of investment objectives, goals, and restrictions

  • Asset allocation studies

  • Independent performance measurement and return verification & back testing review

  • Monthly portfolio analysis/monitoring, including risk assessment & comprehensive quarterly reporting

  • Manager communication and monitoring

  • Custodian searches, Customized projects, Donor Forum & Educational Forums

  • Portfolio transitions